How To Store Champagne?

How To Store Champagne?

Champagne is considered one of the best alcoholic beverages ever prepared. Anyone who has ever tasted it knows how delicious champagne is. Speaking factually, champagne is sparkling wine which comes from Northeastern France’s Champagne region. Bubbly wine from any other region is simply termed sparkling wine. However, people often use the term champagne generically while referring to any sparkling wine. The traditional process of making champagne is called “méthode Champenoise”.

When it comes to the storage of this delicious drink, you must know a few basic tips on how to store champagne correctly. This article would sure be helpful in this matter. Keep reading to learn many interesting facts about the drink and the proper ways of its storage.

How to store champagne

Some Basic Points You Should Remember About Champagne Storage:

  • Store them at low temperature, 55 degrees Fahrenheit or below.
  • Keep away from sunlight since champagne and wine are subject to ‘light poisoning’.
  • Store in a damp, dark place.
  • Keep the bottles horizontally for long term storage.

If you are asking “How long can you store champagne?”, here is the answer.

Vintage champagne, unfortunately, does not have infinite shelf-life and can go bad. However, it can last up to ten years when kept unopened. Once opened, you must re-cork the bottle and keep it in a cool, dry and dark place. It can last three to five days without losing the sparkle.

How To Store Champagne?

Non-vintage champagne has a decent shelf-life as well. You can store an unopened bottle for three to four years from purchase. Even an opened non-vintage champagne can last three to five days without spoiling. Needless to say, you have to store it properly. Now the question of how long can you store champagne being answered, let us move on.

How To Store Champagne In Fridge?

The refrigerator is not the best place for champagne storage. If anyone insists on it, they are simply wrong. The fridge is a dry, cool place that can affect the drink negatively if kept in for a long time. Marie Christine Osselin, the wine quality manager at Moët & Chandon says that storing champagne in the fridge can ruin its taste and characteristic sparkling feature.

However, if you are compelled to store your champagne in the refrigerator, read out the following tips:

  • It is okay to store it in the fridge for a short term, say, 4 to 5 days.
  • Champagne bottles kept in the fridge for weeks will lose the bubbly characteristic.
  • Store the bottles horizontally to keep the cork from drying out. You can also go for storing champagne upside down for the same reason.
  • If the cork dries and shrinks due to low humidity, the seal gets broken.
  • The aroma and taste will change due to faster oxidation once the seal is broken.

How To Store Champagne?

How To Store Champagne After Opening?

If you are a single person, the most common problem with champagne you have to face is its storage after opening. You can go for half-bottles, to begin with. However, if you have a full bottle and have to store the remaining after its opened, hear out what the experts have to say:

  • The drink loses its fizz soon after opening if kept uncovered.
  • Use a hermetic stopper cork to seal off the open bottle. They are available at most parties and wine stores.
  • You can also use plastic and rubber band for sealing.
  • Do not leave the bottle at room temperature. Bacteria might form. Keep it in the fridge or on the champagne storage rack in a cool, darkroom. The basement can be an ideal place.

These are some of the key points you must remember to enjoy a bottle of sparkling champagne without the fear of spoilage or loss of texture. Be it the New Year’s Eve or any other cause for celebration, go ahead and enjoy a hearty serving. Speaking about servings, check out the following facts.

What Temperature Should Champagne Be Served At?

According to the experienced wine tasters, the ideal temperature at which champagne must be served is 47 to 50 degree Fahrenheit, that is, 8 to 10 degree Celsius. Serve it any colder and it would numb your taste buds. Also, you shall not serve it in pre-chilled glasses. This would make the drink loses some of its sparkles.

The preferred methods of chilling a bottle before serving are:

  • Keep the bottle in an ice bucket for about half an hour.
  • Refrigerate the bottle on its side for four hours at the bottom of the fridge.

How To Store Champagne, Classy Edition

Champagne has been the favourite celebratory drink throughout history. It made appearances during the launching of ships in ancient times to the launching of space rockets in the modern era. Even sports celebrations are incomplete without the bubble-spraying champagne throw-downs. Hope you would enjoy your glass of champagne as well without worrying about its storage. Just keep the given tips in mind, and keep sipping!

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